Micklem Lab

University of Cambridge



The Micklem Lab develops data integration tools and takes part in functional genomics projects. We develop and maintain the open-source data warehouse system InterMine, as well as running a number of data warehouses based on the system, including FlyMine, modMine and metabolicMine (for a full list of data warehouses based on the InterMine system, see our Resources page). We are also in the process of developing HumanMine - a comprehensive database of human genetic, genomic and proteomic data.

Current projects include:

Wellcome Trust InterMine and HumanMine: enhancing the biomedical relevance of model organisms and enabling other data mining projects
NIH/NHGRI InterMOD: integrated data and tools to support model organism research
Wellcome Trust The metabolicMine project: integrated data and tools for the Common Metabolic Disease community
NIH/NHGRI modENCODE DCC: A Data Coordination Centre for the model organism ENCODE project
EPSRC An infrastructure for platform technology in synthetic biology
KAUST Sequencing the genome of the dinoflagellate Symbiodinium, a symbiont of Red Sea corals
KAUST Toxoplasma: Parasitic subversion of host functions