Micklem Lab

   Department of Genetics
   Department of Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics (DAMTP)
   Database Center for Life Science (DBCLS)
   Cambridge Centre for Data-Driven Discovery
   University of Cambridge

We are an interdisciplinary research group, using computational and molecular techniques
to carry out basic and applied research related to biology. 

A major activity has been working as part of the open source community on projects such as
the InterMine data integration platform.

Current interests include:
 - antimicrobial resistance
 - synthetic biology
 - large-scale data integration [InterMine, HumanMine, FlyMine]
 - machine learning related to the above [Polyglotter_21, SQLformer, SFAVEL_23]

Current lab members:

Adrian Bazaga, PhD student
Prof. Conrad Lichtenstein, visiting researcher
Dr Gi Mikawa, visiting researcher
Prof. Gos Micklem, PI
Kavi Shah, PhD student

Recent members:

Daniela Butano, Developer
Sergio Contrino, Developer
Sung Kim, visiting Professor
Ankur Kumar, Developer
Ankit Kumar, Develpoer
Rachel Lyne, Postdoc
Yo Yehudi, Developer

More distant members

Jelena Aleksic, Postdoc
Zoltan Asztalos, Postdoc
Adrian Carr, Postdoc
Matthew Chadwick, Developer
Justin Clark-Casey, Developer
Peyman Gifani, Postdoc
Francois Guillier, Systems Administrator
Joshua Heimbach, Developer
Fengyuan Hu, Developer
Hilde Janssens, Postdoc
Wenyan Ji, Developer
Alex Kalderimis, Developer
Shelley Lawson, Administrator
Mike Lyne, Postdoc
Peter Mclaren, Developer
Philip North, Developer
Raj Paidi, Developer
Clare Pacini, Graduate Student (Joint with Professor S. Tavaré, DAMTP)
Debashis Rana, Developer
Thomas Riley, Developer
Ros Russell, Postdoc
Kim Rutherford, Developer
Richard Smith, Developer
Radek Stepan, Developer
Julie Sullivan, Developer
Dan Tomlinson, Systems Administrator
Andrew Varley, Developer
Matthew Wakeling, Developer
Xavier Watkins, Developer
Xiaonan Wang, Graduate Student (Joint with J. Ajioka, Pathology)
Mark Woodbridge, Developer
Yang Zhang, Graduate Student (Joint with J. Ajioka, Pathology)

Outreachy 2020

Hanan Younes
John Mendez
Pooja Gaur
Qian Wang
Sakshi Srivastava

GSOC 2019

Ankur Kumar
Prabodh Kotasthane
Rahul Yadav
Deepak Kumar
Akshat Bhargava
Laksh Singla

GSOC 2018

Aman Dwivedi
Adrián Rodríguez Bazaga
Arunan Sugunakumar
Jake Macneal
Nupur Gunwant
Ankit Lohani

GSOC 2017

Nadia Yudina
Samyadeep Basu
Konstantinos Krytsis
Yash Sharma
Leonardo Xavier Kuffo Rivero

Other Interns

Markus Brosch
Dominik Grimm
Florian Reising
Celia Sanchez Laorden
Jia Tan

[Please contact me if you have been missed out from the above lists]

If you are interested in joining us please send:
 - a current CV (with a transcript if you have recently (or not yet) graduated)
 - a brief statement of what you are interested in working on

PubMed publications

Acknowledgements: work in the Micklem lab has been made possible thanks to grants from the
following funders:

Innovate UK